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Flanger & Phaser Plugin

Clearmountain’s Phases brings you the sounds of classic flanger and phaser processors used by Bob Clearmountain. We meticulously modeled his rare flanger and phaser rack modules. The plugin adds expanded settings modules, so you can replicate Bob’s advanced workflow.

Clearmountain’s Phases

The only Flanger and Phaser you will ever need

Clearmountain’s favorite flanger at your fingertips

Clearmountain’s Phases brings Bob Clearmountain’s favorite hardware Flanger processor to your fingertips, with control over the original manual sweep, sweep oscillator and mix. The true “zero crossing” Tape Flange mode reproduces the dramatic effect when two tape machines flange perfectly. You can even “swap out” the core bucket brigade delay (BBD) chip to explore vastly greater sweep ranges. Finally, to really add the grit and flavor of the original hardware to your tracks, dial in your desired amount of distortion and aliasing.

Apogee Vintage Phaser Plugin

It’s not just a Phase… It’s feedback, LFO and vintage analog

The Phaser offers a gentler modulation that Bob uses to create the quintessential watery, undulating electric piano, the occasional psychedelic drum kit, and more extreme textures in combination with the flanger. With the Stages knob, you can reproduce the sonic characteristics of hardware phasers from stomp box favorites to vintage hardware units to modern plugins. Dial in feedback to intensify the effect with added resonance, then adjust the Feedback Tap knob for even more sonic variations. Engage the Analog button to more closely model the original hardware’s feedback implementation. Finally, send the plugin back in time with the Age trimpot, to reproduce the mellowing effects of aging hardware components.

Apogee Vintage Flanger Plugin

Configuration for your sonic imagination

When Bob was looking to create a richer, more extreme texture, he’d send his tracks through both flanger and phaser modules, and you can do the same with the Module Config feature. Flange the phaser, phase the flanger, or apply both and mix – whatever achieves the sound in your imagination! To add a swirling width that moves across the stereo soundstage, he’d patch in multiple modules, then set different sweep rates for the left and right sides of each module. Listen to Mick’s vocal on the Stones’ “Heaven” track, or Bowie’s “China Girl” recording to hear the result. You can recreate these unique sounds with the Module Config and Sweep Rate Select features.

Apogee Clearmountain's Phases Plugin




  • Authentic emulations of Bob Clearmountain’s vintage Flanger and Phaser Rack Modules
  • Phases Presets offers access to Clearmountain’s personal settings for iconic songs and applications
  • Use Module Config to combine the flanger and phaser for complex, evolving soundscapes
  • Expanded Settings Modules offer a universe of possibilities beyond the original units
  • Dial in the distortion, aliasing and component aging of the hardware units, or keep it clean.
  • Plugin formats: VST, VST3, AU, AAX
  • macOS 10.14.6 and higher (including  Silicon compatibility)
  • Windows 10 and higher
  • All major DAWs supported
  • Pace iLok account required
User Guide PDF (6.12 MB)

What The Pros Are Saying

Ryan Shanahan is Zedd's Engineer and has been a big fan of Apogee
“If you’re looking for the sauce, this is THE sauce! Bob nailed this one, Phases sounds amazing. Its super easy to use, has great presets, and is tweak-ready to unlock endless creativity.”

Ryan “Skinny” Shanahan

Mix Engineer (Zedd, Katy Perry, Alesso)