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Duet 3 Limited Edition

The most trusted audio interface for Producers and Musicians on the go

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Used by the best. Inspiring the rest.

Tim Henson playing electric guitar

“I off-rip noticed how dope the compression is and I really enjoy plugging the nylon into this. It makes up for a lot of the compression needs you might have playing that guitar.  You just don’t have to try as hard. Which is really cool.”

Tim Henson


“When you’re working with high-profile artists, you don’t want the weakest link to be the converters. With the Symphony MK II, it’s pristine. I know that if it’s Apogee gear, it’s the best!”

Andrew Bolooki

Grammy-Nominated Producer/ Songwriter / Engineer

“The Symphony Mk II 16×16 Special Edition is the perfect tool for Dolby Atmos. It’s transparent and does everything you ask of it. I have been using to mix Jimi Hendrix in Dolby Atmos and it’s amazing.”

Eddie Kramer

Grammy Award Winning Mix Engineer / Producer

“My first impression of Jam X was, wow, I probably don’t have to bring my giant recording rig with me on tour anymore. The built-in compressor sounds so good and allows me to do less work on the back end.”

Jed Elliott

The Struts

“The heart of our system is the Symphony Mk II 16×16 and it provides a sense of clarity and depth that we haven’t found in other interfaces. We also use the Symphony Desktop on the road to retain that same level of conversion quality.”

Jordan Stilwell

Grammy Winning Recording / Mix Engineer

“If you’re looking for the sauce, this is THE sauce! Bob nailed this one, Phases sounds amazing. It’s super easy to use, has great presets, and is tweak-ready to unlock endless creativity.”

Ryan “Skinny” Shanahan

Grammy Award Winning Mixer

“Truly draw dropping. I have Dangerous Converts, Pure 2 by Antelope, and Lynx Hil0 – they’re all unplugged. They have gotten zero use since I installed the Symphony Mk II 16×16 Special Edition.”

Will Borza

Grammy Award Winning Mastering Engineer


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Our mission

We provide our customers with an unparalleled experience by making the best professional audio devices in the world. Our products deliver ultimate sound quality, inspiring simplicity and incredible value. We will continue to innovate and challenge old paradigms with new solutions that advance audio recording and elevate creativity.

Four people in a dining room with Apogee HypeMics
Man playing bass guitar in a recording studio.

Our Story Begins in 1985.

CD’s didn’t sound good until we showed up.

By developing special anti-aliasing filters, We paved the way forward for digital audio to become the standard.

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Today, Apogee converters and
audio interfaces are regarded as the reference
standard in the audio industry.

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